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Education Background


'The Olive Leaves' at the base of the emblem is the symbol of peace and victory.'The Lamp' at the centre is the light which expels darkness.It indicates that, if light is given to students, they journey safely in the right direction.

'The Three Segments' in the centre form the pivot of the emblem signify the emphasis employed to enrich '3Hs'-Head, Heart and Hand through the programme proposed and executed.

'Children Jumping in Joy in the Protective Palms' denotes children enjoying safety, nourishment and comfort as they nestle in the gentle, loving and safer hands of the management and the staff of Montfort Matriculation Hr.Sec.School.

'The more one reads, the more one would know'.There is no friend as loyal as a book. 'The Open Book'denotes the readiness to impart knowledge and the students' eagerness to acquire knowledge and wisdom.

'Olympic Symbol' is the visual ambassador of olympism. The Olympic Rings and the Olympic Torch signify the priority given for sports and games which promotes integrity of psyche and physic.

'The Convocation Cap' signifies the zenith one reaches in the academic area

'The Stars' that deck the emblem at the top denote the strength, the patience and the passiont or each for the stars to change the world, signalling the students that they can reach any height, if they have the will,wisdom and God's providence.

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